Accident Man (2018)

  • Released on 2018-02-06

    Watch full movie online Accident Man (2018) in HD quality. Movie Accident Man (2018) was released in February 6, 2018 in genre Action. Movie Accident Man (2018) is movie directed by Jesse V. Johnson. and starring by Scott Adkins. Movie Accident Man (2018) tell story about Mike Fallon, the Accident Man, is a stone cold killer. When a loved one is murdered by his own crew, Fallon is forced to avenge the one person who actually meant something to him.

Status Released
Runtime 101 minutes
Director Jesse V. Johnson.
Production Companies LINK Entertainment
Budget $0.00 USD
Language English.
Revenue $0.00 USD
Popularity 9.832745


  • ( 4.7/10 from 110 votes )

Scott Adkins

as Mike Fallon

Ray Stevenson

as Big Ray

Ashley Greene

as Charlie Adams

Michael Jai White

as Mick

Ray Park

as Mac

Amy Johnston

as Jane The Ripper

David Paymer

as Milton

Perry Benson

as Finicky Fred

Nick Moran

as Leonard Kent

Ross O'Hennessy

as Carnage Cliff

Tim Man

as Triad Biker

Leon Finnan

as Young Fallon

Brooke Johnston

as Beth Carpenter

Stephen Donald

as Poison Pete

Ravi Aujla

as Atal Zim

Stu Small

as Archie Rudd

Aaron Thomas Ward

as Romeo

Brittany Ashworth

as Fran Adams

Martyn Ford

as Masseuse

Roger Yuan

as Swordmaster

Lee Shone

as Yuppie

Lee Charles

as Vor

Duncan Casey

as Mr. Cullum-Kenyon

Jag Patel

as Gangster Boss

Toni Beard

as Skinhead's girlfriend

Marcus Shakesheff

as Bottle Skinhead

Dan Styles

as Zim's Bodyguard

Kerrieanne Booker

as Romeo's Gang Member

Clara Perez

as Kate

Jamie Long

as Spence

Jackson Kai

as Protester

Ekran Mustafa

as Protester

Sonnyboy Skelton

as Estate thug

Mark Sears

as Rocker

Hannah Banks

as Romeo's Gang Estate Thug

Peter Stanford

as Dekka

Simon Maroulis

as Rocker

Jonathan Spodofora

as The Vicar

Lee Byford

as Funeral Mourner

Natasha Rose Mills

as Bethany

Akash Prasad

as Kickz

Matt Routledge

as Kneecap Skinhead

Lee Bagley

as Clive Car Owner

Tiago Silva

as Crackhead 1

Harry Wills

as Protest Security Guard

Taylor Tay

as Concerned man

Chris Kenyon

as Stonewash Skinhead

Andrew Barton

as Husband

Ellen Rix

as Passer by

Amy Liette Hunter

as Wife

Mackenzie Thorpe

as Fat Skinhead

Pat Mills

as Comic Book

Sean Murray

as Music

Duane McClunie

as Director of Photography

Matthew Lorentz

as Editor

Gillian Hawser

as Casting

Felix Coles

as Production Design

Ryan Kaercher

as Production Design

Rebecca Gore

as Costume Design

Frances Hounsom

as Hair Designer

Frances Hounsom

as Prosthetic Designer

Joe Karimi-Nik

as Production Manager

Alexander Gunn

as Special Effects Supervisor

Richard Blackburn

as Visual Effects

Tim Man

as Fight Choreographer

Dan Styles

as Stunt Coordinator

Isabella Artitzone

as Costume Supervisor

Daniela Cazmal

as Key Costumer

Giulia Patanè

as Script Supervisor

Ana Pio

as Script Supervisor


Someone must've watched _John Wick_ and thought to themselves "This woulda bin great if it was a kids cartoon!". And then someone else... Made a hard live action version of that cartoon I guess?

Came for the Ray Stevenson, stayed for the over the top hammy fight scenes ripped straight out of a 90s kung-fu movie and the bangin' soundtrack.

_Final rating:★★½ - Had a lot that appealed to me, didn’t quite work as a whole._